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About Fibre Art & Michelle Kalka

There are so many things to say about fibre art or modern macramé.

Today artisans and influencers like Michelle Kalka are revitalising the 1970s craft into a hot, trendy art form.

Yet, Michelle’s contemporary knot tying journey began with a diagnosis of terminal brain cancer. Not her own, but her husbands.

Tying knots in grief

“Kelvin was my rock; the love of my life and father to my children. The idea of continuing life without him was unbearable.”

So to cope with the stress and anxiety of watching her husband and soul mate fade away, Michelle turned to macramé.               

Woven art rhythm

“For me losing myself in the creative rhythm of waving and tying knots instilled a sense of calm. And by taping into my inner self, I found the strength to deal with grief, reinvent my life, and find happiness again.

Today, it is that sense of calm, strength and wellbeing Michelle hopes her inspirational fibre art pieces and macramé classes give to others.

“My art is not about my loss, but more about inspiring others to create harmony in their lives.”

Fibre art, weaving and macramé are not new to Michelle. She has long pursued creativity in these areas.

Michelle lives in the Margaret River region and takes much of her inspiration from all things ocean, natural, serene and gentle.

Catching Dreams Australia

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